Marriage Puja

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Indian weddings (also called as ‘Vivaah’, ‘Kalyanam’ or ‘Madhuve’) are best known for the grandeur, traditions, grace, colors and almost carnival-type celebration associated with this sacred event. In Manu Smriti scripture, it has been laid down that Hindus should conceive of marriage as a union meant for the performance of religious and spiritual duties.

Indian weddings consist of 3 types of rituals: Pre-wedding rituals (engagement), Wedding day (Kanya-dan, Panigrahan, Saptapadi/Fere) and Post-wedding rituals (Grah-Pravesh and other Pujas at groom’s home).

Benefits of Marriage Rituals

It is believed that through rituals marriages are performed in the presence of Gods. They will fulfill married life in the sense of unity, intimacy and love in between husband and wife both physically, mentally and spiritually.

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