Significance of Nakshtra Puja

Overview:Nakshatras or stars and star- Lords has a very vital influence on the horoscope. In Vedic astrology, knowledge of nakshatra is inevitable for matching horoscopes and determining the mental condition of a person. The branch of astrology that deals with the study of stars is known as stellar astrology. The zodiac has been divided into 27 nakshatras or asterisms. Birth star implies to the star zone in which the moon is positioned at the time of birth. All nine planets rule the 27 stellar zones. Nakshatra puja, Birth Star Puja appeases the nakshatra in which the native is born. The elaborate rituals with the nakshatra involve worshipping of Lording planet as main deities This puja is highly recommended for those who are suffering from mood swings, mental disturbance, depression, and low confidence. Nakshatra puja is also recommended for those born in destructive nakshatras like Moola, Ashlesha, Vishakha. It is beneficial to perform Nakshatra Shanti Puja every year during the birth nakshatra for protection and better results throughout the year. Nakshatra puja includes Ayushya Homa (for longevity), Mrityunjaya Homa (for good health), Navagraha Dosh/Graha Shanti Puja and Sapta Chiranjeevi Puja. Chiranjeevi means immortal. Ashwatthama. Nakshatra puja should be conducted at least once a year on the day of Janam Nakshatra in your birth month to get the maximum desired benefit.

Nakshatra Puja

Nakshatra Puja

Nakshatra Puja Ritual:

Nakshatra puja ritual involves worshipping Lord Ganesha and Nakshatra Shanti Pooja on the 27th day after a person’s birthday. Vedic rituals are performed by priests. Vedic deities and Navgrahas are worshipped. Finally, Havan ceremony is conducted.

Nakshatra puja is performed according to the birth star and horoscope.

1. Birthday Nakshatra Shanti Homam is performed on the birthday every year to eliminate evil effects and improve overall performance. This puja is performed by two Priests.2. Nakshatra Shanti Homam eradicates the Doshas, brings positive effects and enhances the development of a person. Special pujas are done as per Vedic rituals. This puja is performed by four priests.

Benefits and Significance of Nakshatra Puja: To neutralize the ill effects of the planets during their main period or sub-periods and to attain favourable results from the planets, Hindu scriptures have mentioned the significance of nakshatra puja and havan. Nakshatra is worshipped in a ritualistic manner with mantras and offerings. It enhances inner strength and confidence to produce favourable results. Nakshatra in which the moon is positioned at the time of the birth is known as Janam Nakshatra which attributes towards attitude, physical appearance and future. It determines the thought process, destiny, instinct and governs the subconscious aspects. According to Vedas, nakshatras store the fruits of our karmas and labour. Nakshatra influences the mental state and also plays a role in the destiny. Pacifying nakshatra is very crucial in conditioning the mental status which will also add to the positive karma.

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