Pushkar Mela

Pushkar Mela

Planning a trip to India in the month of October or November, then add the famous and much loved Pushkar Fair experience to your itinerary. The famous Pushkar fair is held in the princely state of Rajasthan in the month of October to November spreading over a span of five days. The holy city of Pushkar is located in Rajasthan. Pushkar is known as one of the holiest places for the Hindus and oldest places in the country.

The city lies on the banks of the sacred Pushkar Lake. The city houses a number of temples dedicated to different Indian gods. It is believed that Lord Brahma has created the city of Pushkar, so the city houses the Brahma Temple. The Pushkar Lake has 52 ghats where pilgrims descend to the lake to bathe in the sacred waters.

Pushkar fair gives a chance for the traditional India to meet today’s world. More than 50000 camels gather in the tiny desert town of Pushkar. The idea behind the Pushkar fair was to attract and collect the cattle and camel traders all at one place during the sacred Kartik Purnima festival. The fair is held in the month of Kartik on the full moon day.

Camel Race

Camel Race

How is the fair celebrated?

The main idea behind celebrating the festival is collecting all the traders at one place. People from the neighbouring cities collect at the fair to buy and sell their livestock like goats, sheep, camels, buffaloes and cows. The camels are dressed, paraded, shaved, entered into beauty contests, dance, and traded. The fair is decorated with a number of stalls ranging from jewellery, clothing, local handicrafts, fabrics and much more for satiating your shopping spree.

The festival is started by the famous camel race followed by the folk dance, music, exhibitions and theatre performances. A huge carnival is held, with an array of artists, magicians, acrobats, dancers, snake charmers and carousel rides to amuse the spectators. The fair gives a sight of the Thar sand dunes infested with camels, traders, pilgrims and tourists.

Moustache competition

Moustache Competition

If you looking for some adventure at the festival then try out watching the fair from the Hot air balloon flying above. Tourists can also try hands on camel rides to check out the festival. Don't miss the famous Moustache competition held each year at the fair. Decorate your hands with the beautiful art of Mehendi also known as Henna at the wedding. Collect the local handicrafts like the patchwork, printed textiles, ornaments of silver and bead necklace, tie and dye fabrics, Bandhini and mirror work at the Pushkar fair.

Satiate your taste buds using local ingredients and vegetarian foods. The regional cuisines cooked here offer lip smacking tastes to the tourists. The Rajasthani dishes not to miss are Dal Baati, Masala Gatta, Churma and Missi roti, travellers visiting Pushkar Fair always end up licking their fingers.

Where to stay?

There are a number of accommodation options are available. One option is to reach the place a few days before the fair and the other option is to book in advance the hotels nearby. The accommodations options available are guest houses, dessert tents, heritage hotels, farms and hotels.

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