Significance of Kanchedan Puja

OverviewKanchedan puja or Earlobe piercing is an important ceremony of Hindu tradition. The ceremony is mostly performed in the sixth month or seventh month or third year or fifth year after the birth of a child. Special puja and prayer are offered on an auspicious day and auspicious time. The ceremony is performed under sunlight. As per several Hindu scriptures, Kanchedan puja needs to be performed on the 10th, 12th or 16th day after the birth of a child. But the majority of people perform ear piercing in the 6th or 7th month after birth. For girl child, the left ear is pierced first. For a male child, the right ear is pierced first. The earlobe is pierced with the help of a gold needle as Gold never rusts.

Importance of ear piercing Ancient scriptures and Vedas mention about the sixteen major Samskaras or rites and ear piercing is one of them. The ear piercing ceremony is performed by a priest on an auspicious day and time during which special prayer ceremony and puja are offered to God under sunlight. Earrings are then worn by the child. There are legends which symbolize the shape of the ear to the holy symbol of Aum and thus the piercing involves dotting of the Aum. There are mentions about the ear piercing and ear rings in Sanskrit literature which depicts that the women used to wear fresh flowers on their ears. Karnphul is a special kind of flower and it is considered very auspicious. The scientific theory behind the piercing of the ears is that the ear lobes helps in keeping the part of the brain active which is responsible for memory. The ear is supposed to be pierced at the bottom of the ear lobe.

Benefits and SignificanceKanchedan puja is performed to open the inner ears of the child so that he or she can receive sacred sounds. It is believed that this sacred sounds, cleanses the sin of the person and it also nurtures the spirit. Ear piercing maintains the regularity of the menstrual cycle in a girl. It also helps in getting rid of hysteria. The earrings are believed to help in balancing the flow of electric current in the entire body. Ear piercing puts pressure on certain points on the ear lobe which acts as an acupressure healing therapy. It may reduce the bad energy present in the body. Ear piercing is believed to be helpful in the brain development. According to sage Sushruta, the ear lobes contain meridian points which connect left and right hemispheres of the brain. Piercing this point helps in the brain activation. Applying pressure on this point improves eyesight since the centre for vision lies on the ear lobe. Other health benefits of ear piercing include preventing several health issues such as nervousness, anxiety and weak digestion, loss of appetite.

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