Significance of Tripura Bhairavi Jayanti

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The sixth amongst the ten Mahavidyas, Tripura Bhairavi is an incarnation of the Adi Shakti, one of the earliest forms of Goddess Shakti. Tripura Bhairavi Jayanti is celebrated on the Purnima day of Magha month. The Goddess is also known as Bhava Bandhan Mochan, Bala Bhairavi, and Kaal-Bhairavi. It is believed that worshipping Tripura Bhairavi relieves devotees from all kinds of resistances.

Bhairavi means one who is fearless or who has vanquished fear and is awe inspiring. Hence, devotees who worship her are fearless, and they won over the fear of death. Devotees worship her with devotion, faith, and dedication. Worshipping her by chanting mantras pleases the deity. The Goddess protects her devotees from sufferings and negative pressures.

Lord Shiva and His Escort Parvati


Goddess Bhairavi is worshipped in thirteen different forms, such as Tripura Bhairavi, Chaitanya Bhairavi, Siddh Bhairavi, Bhuvaneshwar Bhairavi, Sampadaprad Bhairavi, Kaleshwari Bhairavi, Kaamershwari Bhairavi, Kamaleshwari Bhairavi, Rudra Bhairavi, Bhadra Bhairavi, Shatkuti Bhairavi and Nitya Bhairavi. Goddess Bhairavi is the Goddess of Tantric activities. According to the legend, once Goddess Kali decided to come back to her original form and hence she disappeared. Lord Shiva was unable to find her, and hence he asked sage Narad to look for her. Lord Narad informed him that Goddess could be found in the North of Sumairu. Lord Shiva sent Lord Narad to the goddess with a marriage proposal. Hence, the Goddess got furious, and in the state of wrath, a destructive shadow appeared through her body which was known as “Tripura Bhairavi.”

Significance of Tripura Bhairavi Jayanti:

Goddess Tripura Bhairavi is the goddess of the cosmic universe. She possesses the qualities of destruction and creation. She is worshipped in thirteen different forms, and each form has an extraordinary power. Goddess Bhairavi wears a garland of flowers in her hands. Her hands are raised in Abhay Mudra to bless her devotees. She wears red clothes and holds a book of wisdom in her hand. Devotees worship Goddess Tripura to attain success in their endeavours. She helps her devotees to overcome all the obstacles in life and directs her devotees toward the path of success. Worshipping the Goddess gives relief from all kinds of resistances.

Ma Kali avatar

Celebrations and Rituals:

On the auspicious day of the Tripura Bhairavi Jayanti, the devotees wake up early in the morning and visit the temple of Goddess Bhiravi. The devotees also observe fast for the whole day. Devotees and worshippers perform yajnas and chant mantras. Donations and charity hold great significance on the day of Tripura Bhairavi Jayanti. At many places, Bhandara is organized to provide free food for needy and poor. Devotees of Tripura Bhairavi must indulge themselves in good acts and refrain from malefic acts on this day. Special puja such as Guru Vandana, Guru Pujan, Mata Abhishekam, Pushpa Arpan, Mata Shringar and Alankaran, are also performed. Devotees chant the Tripura Bhairavi Mantra with all their devotion to achieve a prosperous and fearless life.

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