Tara Devi- Shimla, Himachal Pradesh Temples

Tara Devi- Shimla, Himachal Pr ..

The Tara Devi Temple is located at Shimla of Himachal Prades...

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Tara Tarini Temple, Ganjam ,Odisha Temples

Tara Tarini Temple, Ganjam ,Od ..

The Tara Tarini is one of the 51 Shaktipeeths and is situate...

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Vaishno Devi Temple - Jammu and Kashmir Temples

Vaishno Devi Temple - Jammu an ..

Vaishno Devi temple, a shrine residing in a holy cave at thr...

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Banshankari Temple Temples

Banshankari Temple

The Banashankari Temple is one of the most popular temples...

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Draksharamam temple-As Sacred as Kashi Temples

Draksharamam temple-As Sacred ..

If you ever visit Andhra Pradesh, visit the Draksharamam tem...

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Goddess Katyayani: Sixth mightiest forms of Goddess Durga

Goddess Katyayani: Sixth might ..

Devi Katyayani was adorned by Goddess Parvathi to destroy Ma...

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Kurma Avatar of Lord Vishnu Stories

Kurma Avatar of Lord Vishnu

Lord Vishnu is believed to be the creator of all forms of l...

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Devi Patan: A Renowned Siddhipeeth in Uttar Pradesh Temples

Devi Patan: A Renowned Siddhip ..

The Devi Patan temple is located in Tulsipur, on the banks o...

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Birth Story of Lord Rama Stories

Birth Story of Lord Rama

Guru Vashishth said that Dashrath will have four sons soon a...

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Kanaka Durga Temple, Vijayawada: An Epitome of the Mightiest Goddess Temples

Kanaka Durga Temple, Vijayawad ..

The Kanaka Durga Temple is located in Vijaywada on a hill ca...

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Chamundeshwari Temple - Mysore Temples

Chamundeshwari Temple - Mysore

The Chamundeshwari Temple is located on the Chamundi Hills l...

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Chhatarpur Temple - New Delhi Temples

Chhatarpur Temple - New Delhi

Chhatarpur Temple is a prominent place to worship Goddess Ka...

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Chandi Devi Temple: A Renowned Shaktipeeth in Haridwar Temples

Chandi Devi Temple: A Renowned ..

Chandi Devi Temple is located on Neel Parvat near Haridwar i...

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Bhadrakali Temple, Nepal: A Pilgrimage of Reverence Temples

Bhadrakali Temple, Nepal: A Pi ..

The Bhadrakali Temple is located in Kathmandu, the capital c...

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Bhadrakali Temple: The divine temple of the divine Temples

Bhadrakali Temple: The divine ..

The Bhadrakali Temple is a beautiful temple depicting the me...

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Banshankari Temple: Which changed the age old myth Temples

Banshankari Temple: Which chan ..

The Banshankari Temple is one of the most popular temples lo...

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Somnath Temple Temples

Somnath Temple

One of the significant temples of India is the Somnath Templ...

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