Bhadrakali Temple, Nepal: A Pilgrimage of Reverence

              The Bhadrakali Temple is located in Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal. It is near the Shahid Gate, at the Eastern side of Tudikel. The temple is also known as “Lumadi Bhadrakali”. It is one of the most renowned “Shaktipeeth” in Nepal. Bhadrakali is another form of Goddess Kali. This temple is also famous for its picturesque backdrop that covers the temple with green surroundings giving a pleasant look to your eyes.

Maa Bhadrakali Idol

Maa Bhadrakali Idol

History:           The temple was built in the 19th century. The history of the temple has two stories but they both are somewhat similar to each other. In one story it said that once a farmer used to plow in the nearby land of the Tudikel. He always kept his food on the side of a tree. This tree would convert that piece of food or bread into gold. The temple since then is called as “Lumdi Devi temple” as in the “Golden bread temple”. The word “Lumdi” means gold.


Other Believes:

Another story is similar to the previous one. A tantric practitioner called Saswat Bajra was a devotee of Goddess Durga. He left for Kamaru Kamachya in India to have the darshan of Goddess Durga. He worshipped the Goddess day and night to ask a favor from her. After a long time of meditation, he finally succeeded in pleasing  Goddess Durga. The Goddess asked him to ask for a blessing to which he expressed his desire to carry the Goddess to his town in Nepal. The Goddess agreed to come with him to Nepal in a Kalash (a small holy pot).

While on the way, Bajra stopped near the Tudikel to have some rest. He draped the Kalash on a tree and went away to finish his errands. Meanwhile, the Goddess Kalika (Durga) turned into the avatar of a girl to wander nearby. On her way, she met a peasant. Being new to the place, the curious peasant began to ask the girl about her and how she reached here. The girl instantaneously fell asleep on the spot. Being afraid, the peasant ran to fetch help from nearby village. But he could not find anyone nearby. He immediately ran back to the spot and to his surprise found Goddess Kalika instead of the girl. In the meantime, Bajra came back and saw the original form of Goddess Kalika. Since then, the spot where the Goddess had appeared was established as a temple named “Bhadrakali” to receive the blessings from Goddess.

It is also believed that the temple was built after Goddess Bhadrakali informed a priest to excavate the hill where they found the statue of Goddess. The temple is then onwards under the protection of Nepal Army. Nearby to temple there is Prime Ministerial office, locally called as “Singha Durbar”

Temple Celebrations:This place is quite popular for the auspicious wedding ceremonies and the local people perform many marriages here. There is a “Bhairav Jatra”, held once in twelve years. The main festivals celebrated at the temple are “Dashain” and “Ghode Jatra”. Dashain is one of the biggest Hindu celebrations in Nepal. Thousands of devotees come to visit the temple on this auspicious day.


How to reach the temple:

       By Air: Devotee can hire Taxis from Tribhuvan International airport,Kathmandu Nepal.

       By Road: Regular buses and taxis are available from Kathmandu city. 


      All types of accommodations are available in Kathmandu city.

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