Banshankari Temple

The Banashankari Temple is one of the most popular temples in the Bangalore city. People in large amount visit this temple every day.

About Temple:-

The temple was established in the year 1915 by one of his devotee. There are many interesting facts associated with the temple. The devotees of this temple not only follow a unique way of worshipping goddess but also perform the pooja on the most inauspicious periods of the Hindu calendar. It is said that the Somanna Shetty brought the idol of goddess Banshankari from Badami’s Banshankari Amma Temple and established here. Sommana Shetty was a great devotee of the goddess Banshankari.

Banashankari Temple

Banashankari Temple


There’s an interesting legend associated with this temple. Many years ago, once the temple was visited by three ladies or the pativratas. They requested the poojari of the temple to help them conduct a pooja in the temple for their prosperity. This made the poojari very nervous as the day on which they came for the pooja was a Rahukal period. The Hindu believes that the Rahukal is the most ominous period of the Hindu calendar and hence no sacred worship or pooja should be performed on these days. Hence, the poojari of the temple refused as that could bring ill-fate to the ladies. But the three ladies insisted the poojari for the prayer and pleaded him continuously to perform a pooja for them. Finally, the poojari agreed and completed the pooja for the three ladies. After the completion of pooja, the poojari asked the three ladies to wait for the prashad. When he returned with prashad, the three ladies vanished. This made the people believe that the three ladies were none other than the goddess herself. Since then, the people perform many grand poojas here in the temple during the Rahukal, one of the ominous days of the Hindu.

Banshankari temple another view

Banshankari temple another view

Interesting Fact:-

The devotees here have a special way to light their diyas and ask for the blessings of the goddess Banashankari through their diyas. People here use the lemons as a diya. They are cut from the centre and their pulps are removed, for pouring the oil in them. Then the lemons are lighted with the diyas. Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays are considered auspicious days here in the temple. It is strongly believed that the goddess removes all the troubles and scantiness from the life of their devotees during the Rahukala although being inauspicious for any sacred pooja.

Banshankari Temple Pond View

Banshankari temple pond view

Festivals & Celebrations:-

People in great mass get accumulated here on the September 13 of every year to celebrate the birth anniversary of the goddess Banshankari. It is the biggest festival of the temple along with other major festivals like Dusshera and is celebrated to welcome the goddess back to her home. The anniversary of the temple is celebrated in the end of the December month and starting of the January month. Hence, hundreds and thousands of people visit this temple on these days to attain the blessings of goddess Banshankari and worship here to remove the hardships from their lives.

How to  reach:-

By Road :- Gadag is well connected by road from all District headquarters of Karnataka. Upon reaching Gadag, one can take local transport or KSRTC Rural service to reach Lakkundi.

By Rail :- Badami is the nearest railway station

By Airport :- The nearest Airport is at Hubli. International Airport is at Bangalore

Accomodation:-Hotels,rooms and rest rooms are available at reasonable cost near the temple.Online booking facility is also available.

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