Adibudji Jain Temple, Nagada, Rajasthan

Adibudji Jain Temple, Nagada, Rajasthan

About the Temple

Adibudji Jain temple located at Nagda town is a popular pilgrimage centre. This Jain temple is well known for its interesting architectural features. Nagada, a small town is situated next to Bagela Lake at a distance of 23 km on the Udaipur – Nathdwara road. The Nagada town has many temples, but the main attraction is this Jain temple called Adbudji temple. The temple houses a black marble statue of Lord Shanti Nath.

Temple Idol

Temple Idol

Temple History and Temple Legend

 It is believed that the temple history dates back to 15th century. Dedicated to Lord Shantinath, the temple is said to have been established during the reign of Rana Kumbha. The temple has a wonderful idol and hence the temple got its name Adbhut or Adibudji. The temple idol stands 9 feet tall which attracts the devotees.  This temple was destroyed by the foreign invaders but still it boast of its exceptional architecture. People visit this ancient temple of Nagda to get the blessings from the Lord Shantinath.

Temple Renovation

Temple Renovation

This Jain temple is also known as Padmavati-Mandir which is partly built on the rock. In the main sanctum, a shrine of Parsvanatha can be seen. The temple has a sober Mula-Prasada with a lofty central Shikhar embellished with Anga-Sikharas and a domed maṇḍapa, with projecting porches.

The temple interior has three sanctuaries. One has an image of Sarvatobhadrika while other two are empty. The temple walls have some divinities figures on certain parts.

Temple Other Constractions

Temple Other Constructions

Of late, the Adbhudji Jain temple is reduced to its sanctum and attached Antarala with tall faceted pillars that depict a colossal image of Santi Nath which was established by a merchant named Sarahga during the Vikrama year 1495 in the reign of King Kumbha.

Images of  Jain Tīrthaṅkaras Kunthanātha and Abhinandana  can be seen inside the temple. Some traces of structural embellishment also appear on the exterior.

Temple view

Temple Mandap

How to reach

By Road:  Nagada village is 26 km away from Udaipur. Buses and private taxis are available from Udaipur to access Nagada village.

By Train: The nearest railway stations are Udaipur (25kms), Chittorgarh (110kms) and Jawai Bandh (130kms).

By Air:  The nearest airports are at Udaipur (25kms) and Jodhpur (215kms).

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