Birla Mandir, Shahad, Ulhasnagar, Maharashtra

About the Temple

Birla Mandir is consecrated to Lord Vithoba. The temple stands on the small hill, in the vicinity of the Century Rayon Company in Shahad, about 60 Km from Mumbai, Maharashtra. The temple houses the idol of Lord Vithoba who is believed to be an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The black stone idol of Lord Vithoba is seen in the form of a young boy. Birla temple has been built by the Birla Family. Apart from the idol of Lord Vithoba, the temple also houses idols of Goddess Rukmani, Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Narayan and Lord Ganesha. The most prominent idol in the temple is of Lord Vishnu and his ten incarnations. Devotees can have the best view of the temple from the back side of the temple where the beautiful carvings and the entire beauty of the temple can be viewed. Even the outlet for water from the temple has been carved intricately and beautifully. The temple attracts a number of visitors every year.

Temple Side View

Temple History and Temple Architecture

The architecture of the Birla temple is extremely beautiful with various sculptures adorned on its walls. A beautiful, clean and well-maintained garden is seen in the front of the temple which is made for the kids to play and relax. The prime attraction of the garden is a mini train which functions in the evening. The edifice of the temple is marvelous and resembles southern architecture style. The temple walls and temple pillars are adorned with intricate carvings. This includes structures of various deities in the Hindu scriptures and mythological characters. Though it is a century old temple yet it is maintained beautifully. There is a flight of steps that lead to the temple. The temple hall is huge and can accommodate thousands of devotees. On both sides of the temple are stairs leading outside the temple. Either side of the stairs has beautiful artwork carved out of stone. The walls of the temples depict beautiful bells carved on the stone. The entire temple is made out of stone. The main entrance of the temple has two huge elephants carved in the walls. The gate is adorned beautifully with a carving of Lord Garuda on the top of the entrance. The temple complex, flooring and stairs are constructed out of white marble.

Temple Architecture

Festivals and Celebrations

The temple celebrates all Hindu festivals with great devotion and fervor.

Every day priests perform aarti, puja, archana and prayers from early morning. Special puja is conducted during festivals and several other auspicious occasions.

Temple Celebration

How To Reach

By Road: The temple is located on the National Highway 222 (Kalyan-Murbad-Nagar-Nanded-Adilabad) and is just 4 km away from Kalyan city. Bus, taxis, cabs and other private vehicles are available from Mumbai to reach the temple.

By Train: Shahad is the closest railway station.

By Air: The nearest airport is located at Mumbai.

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