Chamunda Devi Temple, Chotila, Surendranagar, Gujarat

About the Temple

The temples of Goddess are mostly located at the top of the hills and Chamunda Devi temple is not different. Chamunda Devi is the Kuldevi of many Hindu families in Gujarat. The temple is situated at the top of the Chotila hill in Surendranagar district of Gujarat. The reason is that if the devotees want to visit the temple of Goddess, they will have to undergo some physical strain. It is the worship place for Mata Chamunda, which is one of the 64 Avatars of Shakti. Initially, there were around 366 footsteps. After renovation, the temple can be reached by climbing around 700 footsteps. A huge statue of a Lion is seen in the temple premises as it is Devi's mount.

Temple Idol

Temple History

The idol of Goddess Chamunda at this temple is self-manifested. There is an interesting story behind the existence of this temple. As per the folklore, a man had a dream in which he was told by Goddess that she was buried under the earth on Chotila hill. He was instructed to dig in a certain place and Goddess would appear there. He followed the instructions and found a beautiful idol of Goddess Chamunda. Later, a temple was consecrated at that spot.

Temple Legend

It is said that when the demons Chand and Mund came to attack Goddess Mahakali, she chopped their heads and presented it to Goddess Ambika, who in turn told Mahakali that she will be worshiped as Goddess Chamunda. There is a big market for tourists on the downside around the mountain where tourists can buy offerings and Prasad for Goddess. Chamunda Mataji Temple has a dinning hall, guest room, and beautiful garden. Free parking facility is being provided by temple trust.

Temple Full View

Festivals and Celebrations

Mostly devotee rush during Kartik month. Devotees also visit the temple on every Purnima, Seventh and Eighth day of Shravan Month, and on Sunday too.

During the festival of Navaratri, a grand havan is organized on the top of the Chotila hill. After performing the aarti at Chotila hill, in the evening everybody comes down the hill. As per the direction of Goddess Chamunda, no one should stay in the temple after aarti concludes. Locals have encountered the presence of a Lion, mount of Goddess Chamunda on Chotila hill.

How To Reach

By Air: Chamunda Devi temple can be reached from Rajkot airport which is the nearest airport to the temple.

By Train: Rajkot is the nearest railway station.

By Road: Chotila is situated on Ahmedabad-Rajkot main Highway. This place is easily reachable through roadways. Buses and private vehicles are available from any town of Gujarat. The distance between Chotila and Rajkot is around 60 km.

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