Devasabha Temple, Bhubaneswar, Odisha

About the Temple

Devasabha temple is located within the Kharakhia Vaidyanath temple compound in the Old Town area of Bhubaneshwar in Odisha. It is a deserted shrine or an abandoned temple. The temple, facing the eastern direction, is known to be an assemblage of all Gods and Goddess. Hence, it is named as Devasabha. There is no deity enshrined inside the sanctum. As per the locals, the temple is the assembly of all Gods and Goddess for which it is known as Devasabha.

Kharakhia Vaidyanath Temple

Temple History and Temple Architecture

The establishment of the Devasabha temple took place around 14th century. It is a religious edifice that withstood the time. The temple is remarkable for its myriad characteristics and detailed designing which belong to the Rekha Deul architecture style. The elaborate sculptural and architectural work of this religious structure is an evidence of the skill and creativity that abounded the artisans and sculptors of ancient India. Located on the south-west side of Kharakhia Vaidyanatha temple, Devasabha temple is located around 5 m away from the southern and the western compound wall. At present, it stands on a low and square platform. The sanctum of the temple doesn’t house any idol of deity. Devasabha temple is decked with a square sanctum and a frontal porch. This Pancharatha shrine is marked by a Central Raha. It is flanked by a pair of Aanuratha and Kanika Pagas. The Gandi and Mastaka of the temple lack any kind of sculptural ornamentation. The beauty of the shrine is enhanced by the heavy and mesmerizing architectural pattern that marks the splendor of the temple. The ornamental features carved on the temple walls and door frame of the shrine enhances the beauty of this religious structure. The door frame is decked with two plain vertical bands. The door frame on the right side is partially damaged. The magniloquent design of the temple and its fine construction techniques has attracted the attention of many tourists and pilgrims who frequent the shrine from various places.

How To Reach

By Air: Devasabha temple is best accessed from the Biju Patnaik airport.

By Train: Bhubaneswar is the nearest railway station from the temple. Lingaraj Temple Road Station is another nearby station.

By Road: Apart from Bhubaneswar, the temple is easily accessible from some of the major cities of Odisha such as Cuttack, Konark and Puri due to well connected road network.

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