Harsiddhi Temple, Ujjain

Harsiddhi Temple, Ujjain

About the Temple:One among the 51 shakti peeths of Hindu Mythology, Harsiddhi Temple, in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh is the abode of Goddess Mahakali. The idol is made up of a rock which is smeared with turmeric and vermilion. It is believed that when Shiva carried the body of Sati from the sacrificial fire, her elbow dropped at this place. According to some Hindu scriptures, Sati's upper lip fell here.

Harsiddhi Temple, Ujjain

Another striking feature of this temple is the presence of Sri Yantra. It is a symbol of power that represents nine names of Goddess Durga. The temple also has images of goddess Annapurna, Goddess Mahasaraswati, and Goddess Mahalakshmi.

The temple was reconstructed during the Maratha reign and the two pillars adorned with lamps are a distinguished feature of Maratha art. There is an ancient well in the temple premises, and an artistic pillar adorns the top of it.

Shri Yantra

Shri Yantra

Temple History:

The temple was built by King Vikramaditya. Maha Kali or Hara Siddha mata was the Kuldevi of King Vikramaditya. He was blessed by the Devi. King Vikramaditya requested Harsidhhi Mata to make Ujjain her permanent abode which she obliged. Harsiddhi Mata is also known as Vahanvati Mata.

She is also known as Chamunda who killed the demon Andhakasur. He was blessed with a boon that each drop of his blood that fell on the ground would produce a new Andhakasur. When Lord Shiva pierced him with Trishul, Goddess Chamunda drank the blood of Andhakasur to prevent the blood from falling on the ground. At last, the demon was killed.

Temple Legend :

There is an interesting legend in the Skanda Purana about how the Goddess Chandi acquired the name Harsiddhi.

Once upon a time, the demons named Chanda and Prachanda conquered the entire gods and they attącked Kailasa too. At that time, Lord Shiva and Parvati were playing dice. Chanda and Prachanda defeated Nandi. They were about to destroy Kailasa. Just then Lord Shiva meditated on Shakti. She appeared in the form of Hara Siddhi and kílled the demons. Hara siddhi is Mangala chandi, who gave courage to Lord Shiva to kíll Tripurasuras.

According to another hearsay, it is believed that Lord Krishna worshipped the Goddess Ambika during his lifetime. He prayed Goddess Ambika to get power to kill asuras. After defeating the Asuras, Lord Krishna built this temple.

Festivals and Celebrations:

The festivals of Navaratri, Durga puja, Magha Purnima, Falgun Purnima, Paush Purnima, and Diwali are celebrated joyously. During Navratri devotees throng the temple in large numbers.

Maha Kumbh Mela also attracts a large number of pilgrims.

How to reach:

By Road: The buses ply regularly from all the major cities of Madhya Pradesh.

By Train: The nearby railway head is Ujjain junction.

By Air: The nearest airport is located at Indore.

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