Javari Temple, Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh

About the Temple:Javari temple is nestled in a small village of Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh. The temple stands towards the eastern side of Khajuraho temples. The temple stands adjacent to Vamana temple at a distance of about 200 meters towards the south. The temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. The main idol of Lord Vishnu is broken and headless.

Temple History and Temple Architecture:Javari temple is a nirandhara temple which consists of sanctum, anatarala, mandapa and Mukha-mandapa. This temple is an architectural marvel and absolutely remarkable for its ornate and slender makar-arch and tall outline of shikhara.

javari temple khajurah madhya pradesh temple view

Javari temple Khajuraho Madhya Pradesh temple view

Javari temple structure is very similar to that of Chaturbhuj Temple. The temple stands 11.88 m in length and 6.4 m in breadth. The temple has the carvings of the beautiful figures of native maidens. The exteriors part of this wonderful temple is adorned with numerous complex carvings. The huge entrance and tall temple tower enhance the beauty of the Javari temple.

javari temple khajuraho madhya pradesh_vishnu idol

Javari temple Khajuraho Madhya pradesh_vishnu idol

Javari temple was built between 975 and 1100 .The temple is a well-built structure, with a sanctum, vestibule, mandapa, and portico but without pradakshina path. It has Makara Torana or Capricorn Arch and shikhara. The outer wall of the temple has three bands of carved sculptures. The temple has a close resemblance with Chaturbhuja Temple which is also located at Khajuraho. The beautiful Makara Arch can be seen at the entrance. The sculptures on the main gate of sanctum depict Nava-Graha on the top. Along with Nava-Graha, the sculptures of various Hindu deities such as Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu, and Lord Shiva can also be seen.

Temple Roof View

Temple Roof View

Temple Legend:As per the hearsay, the temple is named ‘Javari’, due to ‘javara’ or millet growing in nearby fields. It is also believed that the name of the temple is derived from the name of the owner of the land since the temple is not named after the presiding deity or any other deity.

How to reach:

By Road: The temple is easily accessible by buses or taxis. Khajuraho is well connected with all the major cities of Madhya Pradesh.

By Train: The nearest railway station is Rajanagar Railway Station which is 3 km away from the temple.

By Air: The nearest Airport is Khajuraho civil aerodrome which is 3 km away from the temple.

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