Kaal Bhairav Temple, Ujjain

About the Temple:Kaal Bhairav temple was built by the King Bhadrasen on the banks of Kshipra River. The temple is consecrated to Lord Kaal Bhairav, who is the presiding deity among the eight Bhairavs. The temple is about 6000 yrs old. The worship of eight attendants of Lord Shiva including Kaal Bhairav is a part of Shaivite tradition. He is often depicted with angry eyes, sharp teeth and flaming hair; with garland of skulls and a coiled snake around his neck. In his four hands, Kaal Bhairav holds a noose, a trident, a drum, and skull.

Kal Bhairav Mandir

Lord Kaal Bhairav is the manifestation of Lord Shiva. Kaal Bhairav is regarded as the guardian of the temple. Hence no one should carry the keys of the Kaal Bhairav temple. The temple keys must be kept at the temple premises. Since Kaal Bhairav is also the protector of the travelers, it is auspicious to offer a garland of Cashew nuts to Kaal Bhairav along with a lamp so that he is pleased and protect the traveler from any danger. Since the dog is a vehicle of the Lord Bhairav, it is very auspicious to feed dogs to show the respect towards Kaal Bhairav. All the offerings to the Kaal Bhirava are to be done at the day of Kaal Bhairav Ashtami.

Temple view

Temple History and Temple Legend:Once, Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu had a conversation where Lord Vishnu asked Brahma about the supreme creator of the Universe. Arrogantly, Brahma told Vishnu to worship him as Supreme Creator. Another day Brahma thought that since he has five heads similar to Lord Shiva, he can do everything that Lord Shiva does and hence he is as powerful as Lord Shiva. Lord Brahma became egoistic and he started to fake the work of Lord Shiva. Brahma started interfering in the work of Lord Shiva. Hence, Mahadeva threw a small nail from his finger, which took the form of Kala Bhairav, who then cut off one of Brahma’s heads. The skull of Brahma is seen in the hands of Kaal Bhairav. This destroyed Brahma’s ego and he became enlightened. He apologised and became grateful to Lord Shiva. In the form of the Kaal Bhairav, Lord Shiva is said to be protecting each Shakti peeths. Every Shakti peeth temple has a shrine dedicated to Lord Bhairav.

Lord Kal Bhairav

Puja, Celebrations and Festivals:Bhairava Ashtami is the day when Kal Bhairav appeared on the earth. It is celebrated on Krishna paksha Ashtami of the Margashirsha month of Hindu calendar with special prayers and rituals.

How to reach:

By Road: The temple is well connected by all the major cities of Madhya Pradesh and can be easily reached by bus or taxi.

By Train: The nearest railway station is Ujjain Junction which is 7 km away from Kaal Bhairav Temple.

By Air: The nearest airport is located at Indore which is 49 km away.

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