Kalka Devi Temple,Delhi

About Temple:-

Kalka Devi Temple is located in Delhi, the capital city of India. The place is also famous as the heart of India and is easily accessible to all. The Kalka Devi temple stands respectfully and deemed to be the most prestigious shrine in Delhi. The temple shares its neighborhood to the famous Lotus Temple.


The temple is dedicated to Goddess Kalka Devi who is known as a form as Shakti, the area is famous as Kalkanji because of this renowned temple located there. The temple has been attracting plenty of devotees each day and it is said to be a peaceful place of visit. The temple has a simple and sophisticated architecture. The image of goddess Kalka Devi is said to be self-manifested and the main shrines are surrounded by twelve sides that are made of marbles and granites. Back in 20th century the structure (presently seen) was erected by the contribution and the donations that were made by the devotees out of love, respect and devotion towards Goddess Kalka Devi.

Kalka Devi Temple View

Kalka Devi Temple View


Kalka Devi is one of the powerful incarnation of Goddess Durga and it is one of the oldest temple in India. The temple has an origin for around 3000 years and stands strong blessing all the devotees who come and worship. The Kalka Devi Temple is believed to be constructed by the Maratha Rulers during 18th century. The Kalka Mandir (temple) also carries a legend that stated that it has been surviving right from the times of Mahabharata. The Kauravas and Pandavas were the devotees of Kalka Devi. It is also said that Raja Kedarnath who was a Peshkar of Emperor Akbar II has made some architectural changes to the original structure of Kalkaji Temple. Thus, the legends have been proving the temple has been erected right before the time of Kurukshetra War.

During various religious occasions and festivals, many devotes come to pay their respect to Kalka Devi who is a form of Shakti. It is believed that Kalka Devi fulfills the wishes and blessed the devotees who are good at heart and soul.

Time to visit:-

Navaratri is one festival is celebrated with great pomp and you can see people from all over the country gathered at Kalka Devi temple to join the celebration. A huge fun fair or organized during Navaratri and it is continued for 9 long days. The temple will be heavily decorated and festivity would be seen everywhere. This is the best time to visit the temple and be a part of the celebration.

Kalka Devi Idol Image

Kalka Devi Idol Image

How to  reach:-

It is very easy to reach Kalka Devi Temple as it is situated in country’s hub Delhi. You can opt for an airway or railways that would easily take you till Delhi and from there you can either take a local taxi, public transport, metro or drive to reach Kalka Devi Temple easily. The place has lots to offer and it is visitors joint where you can explore, enjoy and shop your heart out. Next time you come to Delhi, do pay your respects to Kalka Devi Temple.

Accomodation:- Hotels,rooms and rest rooms are available at reasonable cost near the temple.Online booking facility is also available.


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