Prasanna Venkateswara Swamy Temple, Appalayagunta, Andhra Pradesh

About the Temple

Sri Prasanna Venkateswara Swamy Temple is situated at Appalayagunta Village, 70 km away from Chittoor Town in Andhra Pradesh. It is considered as an ancient temple. which comes under Vadamalapeta Mandal of Chittoor District. Sri Prasanna Venkateswara Swamy is the prime deity of this temple. Goddess Padmavathi and Goddess Sri Andal are the consorts of Sri Prasanna Venkateswara Swamy in this temple The Idol of the main deity can be seen in Abhaya Hastha posture, which is the unique feature of this ancient temple. It is believed that here, he blessed the saints who witnessed his marriage with Goddess Padmavathi and hence his hands are in a blessing posture.

Sri Prasanna Venkateswara Swamy Temple in Appalayagunta has a marvelous architecture and was constructed before thousands of years by the kings of Karvetinagar.

Temple Entrance

Temple Entrance

Legend of the TempleIt is believed that the Lord Sri Venkateswara has bestowed blessings on Sri Siddeshwara and other sages at this place on the occasion of his marriage with Sri Padmavathi Ammavaru. This was the resting place for Lord Venkateswara during his voyage to Tirumala. The temple has some spiritual powers to liberate physical, mental and career related doshas. The imposing image of the wind-god present in this temple is worshipped by devotees to get rid of the chronic ailments.

Temple Idol

Temple Idol

Other Shrines in the Temple

The shrines of Sri Andal, Goddess Padmavathi, and Anjaneyaswami can be seen besides the main temple.

The Idol of Sri Andal Ammavaru was Installed by Lord Brahma in this temple. She was named as the goddess of Vedas by Brahma.

Sri Padmavathi Ammavaru is present in the premises of the main temple. Here, the idol of Sri Mahalakshmi can be observed in the form of Sri Padmavathi Ammavaru.

The idol of Sri Anjaneya Swami, one of the Lord Vishnu’s devotees during Ramavatara can be seen besides the main temple.

Temple Mandapam

Temple Mandapam

Festivals and Celebrations

The traditional pooja known as Abhishekam is conducted on every Friday at this temple.

A ten day Srivari annual Brahmotsavam is the most important festival which is celebrated during Jyeshta.

Other festivals such as Ugadi, Deepavali, Rathasaptami, Vaikuntha Ekadashi and Anivara are celebrated in a grand manner.

How to reach

By Bus: The temple is 70 km away from Chittoor Town. The temple can be reached by Buses or Taxis.

By Train: The nearest Railway Station is Pudi Railway Station, which is 5 km away.

By Air: Tirupati Airport is the nearest airport, which is 20 km away.

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