Sri Avinashiappar Temple,Avinashi, Tiruppur, Tamil Nadu

About the TempleSri Avinashiappar temple is nestled in a small town of Avinashi 40 km from Coimbatore and 5 km from Tirupur. The town has notable Shiva temple constructed by Sundarapandiya which is closely associated with the great Saiva saint Sundaramoorthy Nayanar. The word Avinashi means indestructible, eternal.

The temple has a close association with Mysore royal family. In early days, the king must go to Kashi, bring a Linga from there and perform the puja in this temple and after that he only then assume power and other responsibilities. Lord Avinashi Appar, Lord Bhairava and the holy water-theertham are brought from Kashi.

Temple Entrance

Temple Entrance

The temple structure was originally built by the king of Konguchola, Pandya HoySalar and the king of Mysore. Lord Shiva in the temple is a swayambumurthy. It is looked upon as the offset of the Kashi. Lord's consent Karunambigai Amman is seen on the right side of the Lingeswar. The Sanctum Sanctorum of Karunambigai Amman is located in the southern side of the temple corridor. The Kala Bairavar shrine has a special status. The deity is aesthetically designed with a divine look.

The temple also has shrines of Vinayagar, 63 Nayanar, Gaja Lakshmi, Sundara Moorthi Nayanar and Nadarajar. The Pathiri tree of the temple would blossom only once in a year, during the Brahmmotsavam festival.


The history reveals that Sage Sundarar was passing through a street in Avinashi. He saw the celebrations for the holy thread ceremony – Upanayanm in a house. He also saw the sad faces of a couple in the opposite house. He came to know that these two boys were close friends. Three years ago while playing near a tank around the temple, a crocodile killed one boy. If alive, his upanayanam was also due to be conducted together.

Sage Sundarar immediately went to the temple and requested the Lord to instruct the crocodile to give back the boy it swallowed three years ago. He worshipped to Lord with a Pathigam (10 verses). As he began the fourth stanza, the Lord to instruct the crocodile to return the boy, the crocodile brought back the boy with the growth he would have at the age of seven. Sundarar hand over the boy to his parents and also arranged his upanayanam. This is a great event related with this temple.

Temple View

Temple View

Festivals and Celebrations

During the Panguni Uthiram festival, Mudalai Vai Pillai – boy in the grip of the crocodile – utsav is celebrated for three days.

Chithirai Brahmmotsavam is joyously organized for five days during April-May which includes flag hoisting on Mrigaseersham star day, car festival on Pooram star day. The fifth day receives all importance since Lord Shiva grants his darshan to 63 Nayanmars from his nandi– vahan.

The car festival is one of the most popular festivals in this temple. This temple car is the second biggest in the South India and it is popular for its aesthetic wooden carvings.

The annual Bhrammotsavam is celebrated during the month of Chittirai.

Apart from Temple car festival, Arubathi moovar Ula is one of the notable festivals in this temple. The festival chariot is believed to be on par with Tiruvarur.

Temple Ratha

Temple Ratha

How to reach

By Road: Avinashi is 13 km from Tiruppur on the Coimbatore road. The temple is located on the main road.

By Train: The nearest railway station is Tirupur.

By Air: The nearest airport is located at Coimbatore.

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