The Manglagauri Temple, Gaya

About Temple:-

The Manglagauri Temple in the holy place Gaya is one among the 18 Maha Shakti Peetha of Maa Durga. These 18 peeths are considered as per the Ashtadasa Shakti PeethaStotram of the famous JagadguruAdi Shankar Acharya. The Padma Purana, Vaayu Purana and Agni Purana and some tantric scriptures have mentioning of Manglagauri temple residing in the state of Bihar, India. The temple dedicated to Shakti worships her as the Goddess of Goodness.

The old temple built during 15th century around 1459AD wherein there is a strong belief that one of the body part (breast) of Shakti had fallen at this place, as per the mythology. Also, Shakti is worshipped at this temple as a symbol of Nourishment (the symbol of breast is worshipped at this place). Therefore, the innermost shrine has two rounded stones representing the breasts of Goddess Shakti. She blesses all her devotee wishes and fulfills their prayers at this Upa-Shakti Peetha.

The Manglagauri Temple

The Manglagauri Temple View


The temple studded on top of the Manglagauri hill, facing the East direction. And there is small hillock of 200steps, housing the local people houses to reach the temple and there is provision of road for smaller vehicles to reach the temple. The main sanctum houses the symbol of the Goddess with a small hall (Mandap) in front of the temple. However, the temple is very small allowing only few members to take Darshan at a time. The temple composes some elegantly carved sculptures on its walls showing the ancient workmanship. Also, there is a fire pit in the courtyard. At this temple, some tantric follow a very old traditional ritual of sacrificing an animal as Bali to the Goddess Shakti.


The Manglagauri hill is surrounded by three other hills Ram-Shila Hill, Shringa-Sthan Hill and Brahmayoni Hill gives a panoramic view of this holy place.

The popular and well-known Vishnupada Temple in Gaya is just a km away from Manglagauri Temple. Most of the Hindus offer Shraddha Karmas at Vishnupada Temple, as Gaya, believed to be one of the holy places in India. The holy River Phalguni flows beside this temple. At this place Lord Vishnu had stood upon DharmavrataShila on the Gayasura’s head. Also, Lord Buddha had obtained salvation at Gaya.

The Manglagauri body part place

The Manglagauri body part place

How to reach:-

By Road:-The holy place Gaya is about a distance of 100km from the capital city of Bihar, Patna and Gaya was a part of Magadh Empire as per the history.

By Rail:-The  Gaya Railway Station is very near to the Manglagauri Temple which is about 4-5km.

By Air:-Bodhgaya Airport is just a 10km-drive from the temple complex.

Accomodation:- Hotels,rooms and rest rooms are available at reasonable cost near the temple.Online booking facility is also available.


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