Yogeshwari, Ambajogai, Beed, Maharashtra

About the Temple:

Yogeshwari Temple is consecrated to Goddess Yogeshwari who fulfils all the desires of her devotees. Located in Ambajogai village, the temple is among the most revered temples of Beed District. Yogeshwari temple stands on the western bank of the Jayanti river which flows through the city. The temple architecture is of Hemadpanthi style. The temple has a huge main entrance which faces towards the East. A 'Nagarkhana' – place for musicians and 'Deepmal' stands before the main gate. On entering the temple complex through the eastern entrance, devotees can see a tall tower surrounded by four small towers. The tall tower is adorned with pictures of gods and goddesses. Delicate carvings on the pillar are very attractive. The ‘Sarveshwar Teerth’ is located next to the North gate. Adjoining the west gate are the temples of various deities.

Temple View

Temple History and Temple Legend:

Goddess Parvati also was known as Shree Yogeshwari Devi appeared at this place to kill demon Mahishasur. This historical and oldest temple of the Goddess Yogeshwari has been famous from ancient time. The architecture of the temple is in Hemadpanti style. The temple houses Omkar swarup idol of Goddess Yodeshwari. According to another legend, Goddess Yogeshwari slows the demon Dantasur and hence she is also worshipped as Dantasur-Mardini.

Temple Entrance

Festivals and Celebrations:

The festivals of Chaitra Navratri, Holi, Ashwin Navratri and Deepawali are celebrated in a grand manner. A fair is held in the temple premises during the festival of Dussehra.

Temple Idol

How To Reach:

By Road: Ambajogai is well connected to Beed and other cities of Maharashtra by road. Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation buses and private vehicles are available to access the temple at Ambajogai.

By Air: The closest airports are located at Latur 41 km, Nanded 123 km and Aurangabad 133 km.

By Train: Parli Vaijnath (20 km) and Nanded (122 km) are the closest railway heads.

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