Significance of Aayush Puja and Havan

Overview The term Aayush represents age. Aayush puja is performed for leading healthy and long life. Basically, Aayush Homam is meant for increasing the lifespan by reducing health ailments. Aayush puja plays a key role in improving longevity by eliminating health ailments to a great extent. The main purpose of Aayush Homam is to obtain blessings from Lord Ayur, the God of life. By performing this Homam, one can ensure a healthy, prosperous and long life. If a child is constantly not keeping well, Aayush Homam could be performed on a monthly basis till the child gains good health. Aayush puja is performed once in a year, most probably on the day of the star in which the child is born. Aayush puja begins on the first birthday of the child. If needed, Aayush puja can be conducted in every month. By performing Aayush Homam, the child gets blessings of long life from Ayur Devta. It is highly recommended that this havan should be performed once in a year for healthy living and long life. If the person is suffering from any chronic ailment, then in such condition Ayushya Homa is suggested. Perform Aayur Homam on the Star birth date of the person. Aayush puja performed on the first birthday has great significance.



Aayush Puja Ritual:Ayush puja is performed on the birthdays based on the stars. One can also conduct this Havan after analyzing the birth chart.

1. Ganapati Puja. A copper pot filled with sacred water is placed with a coconut, fruits, grains and betel leaves in front of it.

Puja of the respective god or goddess and Yantra is performed. Water, sandalwood paste, vermilion, rice, milk mixed with floral-

scented oil, flowers, fruits and sweets are offered to god.

2. Chant several mantras including the Ayush mantra and Navgrah mantras

3. Havan or fire ritual to sanctify the individual

4. Prasadam distribution

Shlokas and Mantra:

Om Haam Aayur Devataaya Swaha

Significance and Benefits of Aayush puja and Havan:

1. To ensure good life and good health

2. To maintain good family relations

2. To correct planetary dosh

3. To bring longevity of life.

4. To eliminate health risks

5. To prevent health problems and karmic issues.

6. To cure heath diseases and to remove obstacles by addressing exact problems.

7. To reduce the bad effects of planets and to minimize accidents, injuries and major health threats.

Ayush Homam is a method for clearing the negative effects of previous birth which in turn improves the overall wellbeing of a person. In addition, it helps to control untimely and sudden death. Those who want to get relief from mental and physical health problems can organize Ayush Homam for living a better life.

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