Significance of Ganesh Puja

Overview:Lord Ganesh is the most revered and popular deity in Hinduism. He is very special and is also known as Ganapati and Vinayak. Lord Ganesh was born to Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva. Ganesh is the remover of every obstacle and the provider of health, wealth, knowledge, intelligence, wisdom and prosperity. Lord Ganesha is the chief deity to be worshipped before starting any new work. He is a first and foremost Lord of Hindus, according to the scriptures. Hence, it is mandatory to worship Lord Ganesh before starting any kind of work as he is the destroyer of all obstacles. Wednesday is considered an auspicious day for worshipping Lord Ganesh. According to the scriptures, Mercury is believed to be the planet of success and Wednesday is considered the day of planet Mercury. To correct weak Mercury in the horoscope, one must worship Lord Ganesh on Wednesdays. This will also bring good fortune and success in the life.

Lord Ganesh

Lord Ganesh

Ganesh Puja Ritual:

1. Arrange a raised platform and keep it in a sacred place. Spread a red

cloth on it.

2. Place an idol or image of Lord Ganesh on the raised platform.

3. Lit the earthen lamp to begin the puja

4. Lit incense sticks

5. Pray to Lord Ganesha and recite this prayer, “Lord Ganesh! Please come and accept puja offerings.”

6. Offer a holy bath to Lord Ganesh by sprinkling sacred water on him.

7. Offer him sacred thread as well as clothes.

8. Apply Roli tilak on his forehead.

9. Perform a special puja known as Panchopchar puja :

i. Show earthen lamp and incense sticks to Lord Ganesh

ii. Apply vermilion and raw unbroken rice grain on his forehead. According to Shiva Puran, it’s very auspicious to offer vermilion

to Lord Ganesh. It may be offered as tilak or as it is applied to the whole body (also know as “Chola”).

iii. Offer a bhog of Modak and ladoos to Lord Ganesh along with Gangajal or Sacred water to drink and scent.

iv. Offer flower garland, Durva grass, and Hibiscus flowers to Lord Ganesh

v. Worship Lord Ganesh. Meditate and recite beej mantra of Lord Ganesh. Sing Ganesh Aarti.

Shlokas and Mantra:

Ganesh Beej Mantra

“Om Gan Ganpataye Namah”

Lord Ganesh Pujan

Lord Ganesh Pujan

Significance and Benefits of Ganesh Puja:

1. Worshipping Lord Ganesh attracts good fortune in the personal and professional life.

2. Ganesh puja enhances wisdom and knowledge of worshipper.

3. The souls of the worshipers are purified by the divine blessings of Lord


4. Financial difficulties are easily resolved easily by performing Ganesh

puja and great success can also be achieved.

5. Ganesh puja helps to curb the bad influence of the Rajas and Tamas

qualities of the worshipers.

6. Ganesh puja activates the Adnya Chakra of the devotee.

7. Worshipping Lord Ganesh before beginning any kind of work

brings success and prosperity.

8. Ganesh puja performed during the auspicious occasion of Ganesh

Chaturthi and Sankashti increase the effect of this puja manifolds.

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