Significance of Rahu Dosh Nivaran Puja

OverviewIn the Hindu religion, Rahu is the most revered deity. It is considered among one of the Navagraha that immensely affects Human life on the earth. Rahu is associated with Ketu, which is the lower knob of the Moon. Ill placed Rahu in horoscope causes several problems in the Human life which may have an ability to completely destroy all the happiness, prosperity and peace of mind. One can suffer from bad fortune, delayed marriage, unemployment, infertility and chronic ailments that may affect the health adversely. All these negative symptoms are straight consequences of Rahu dosh in the horoscopes, which if untreated can lead to dire results and bad fortune. To get rid of Rahu dosh and its ill effects, Rahu Dosh Nivaran Puja is performed which is very effective.

Rahu Dosh Nivaran Puja is dedicated to planet Rahu and it is recommended for those, having malefic Rahu or wrongly placed Rahu as per the horoscope. Hindu scriptures describe Rahu as half-bodied, born of a lioness, snakelike, having a huge body and being extremely powerful.

Rahu Yantra

Rahu Yantra

Rahu Dosh Nivaran Puja Ritual:

Jaap Mala, Betel nut, a new piece of cloth, Mouli, rice grain, coconut are some of the main requirements. Other items required for Rahu Dosh Nivaran puja are flowers, incense, fruits, sweets, pure ghee, and items to be donated to the Brahmin priests.

1. Observe the fast on the day of puja

2. Chant Rahu Graha Shanti Mantra

3. Perform Havan or fire ritual for Rahu.

4. Offer prayers to Lord Hanuman

Lord Shukra

Lord Shukra

Shlokas and Mantra:

|| Aum bhram bhrim bhraum sah rahave namah ||

Significance and Benefits of Rahu Dosh Nivaran Puja

1. To remove obstacles and helps you succeed.

2. To improve the quality of personal and professional life.

3. To ease out the financial problems.

4. To help to gain spiritual bliss.

5. To maintain good health.

6. To win over enemies and other problems

7. To get protection from negative eventuality or evil effects

8. To achieve materialistic and spiritual development

9. To control wavering of mind

10. To minimise the ill effect of afflicted Rahu

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