Significance of Vastu Dosh Nivaran Puja

Overview:Vastu is a scientific Vedic system of architecture developed by the ancient sages to ensure good fortune, peace, prosperity, health, happiness and harmony for the inhabitants. While buying a new house / commercial place, a special puja is known as "Vaastu Dosh Nivaran Puja" has to be done to appease the "Vaastu Devta". Vastu Shastra is an ancient science which helps one get the benefits offered by the five elements of the universe. These five elements are Akash (sky), Jal (water), Prithvi (earth), Vayu (wind) and Agni (fire). Sometimes there are faults of construction or with the energy of the environment. This Puja is highly recommended when moving into a new home. It removes all evil and negativity of the home.

Vaastu Dosh Nivarak Kavach

Vaastu Dosh Nivarak Kavach

Belief and SignificanceVastu Dosh Nivaran puja is performed to eradicate faulty Vastu of any place. a Vastu Fault occurs when the construction of a place has not been done according to Vastu principles. All the 8 directions, as well as the 5 basic elements, are taken into consideration by Vastu principles. An imbalance between these 5 elements and 8 directions may develop Vastu Dosha person residing or working at that place has to suffer the negative effects of Vastu Dosh. These negative effects may result in health problems, financial crisis, loss of mental peace, loss of prosperity as well as name & fame.

It is not possible to make structural changes hence, Vastu Dosha Nivaran Puja is a very effective for eradicating the harmful effects of Vastu Dosha. It gives some favourable results to evade off the negative effects of Vastu Dosh by dispelling negative energies and ill effects occurred due to inauspicious location or direction or imbalance of five elements. It also generates positive and beneficial energy. Vastu Dosh Nivaran Puja should be performed while purchasing a new house or commercial premises to appease Vastu Devta. This puja brings peace and happiness in the house as well as promotes wealth & business.

Puja Ritual of Vastu Dosh Nivaran: The Vaastu Dosha Nivaran Pooja is conducted by the five pandits where they perform the ceremony using Ganga jal for purification of the land. This Pooja is desirable to start the new venture. Vastu dosh nivaran puja involves some important ceremonies such as Kalash Sthapana, Panchang Sthapana (Gauri Ganesh, Punyavachan, Shodash Matrika, Navgraha, Sarvotabhadra), 64 yogini Puja, Shetrapal Puja, Swasti Vachan, Sankalp, Ganesh Puja and Abhishek, Navgraha Puja and 108 chants of each planetary mantra, Invocation of Gods and Goddesses in Kalash, Vastu Purush Sthapna, Puja of Vaastu MahaYantra, Vastu Dosh Nivaran Mantra Jaap, Ganesh Mantra Jaap, Shanti Paath, Vastu Puja, Vastu Shanti Havan, Aarti and Pushpaanjali.

Sampurna Vaastu Yantra

Sampurna Vaastu Yantra

Shlokas and Mantra:

Vastu Dosha Nivaran Mantra:

Om Vaastoshpate Prati Jaanidyasmaan Swaawesho Anamee Vo Bhavaan Yatve Mahe Pratitanno Jushasva Sahnno Bhav Dvipade Sham Chatushpade Swaahaa |

Om Vaastoshpate Pratarano Na Edhi Gayasphaano Gobhi Rashve Bhirido Ajaraasaste Sakhye Syaam Pitev Putraanpratinno Jushashya Shanno Bhav Dvipade Sham Chatushpade Swaahaa |

Om Vaastoshpate Shagmayaa Sa Gvag Sadaate Saksheem Hiranyayaa Gaatu Mandhaa | Chahikshem Utayoge Varanno Yooyam Paatasvastibhiha Sadaanah Swaahaa |

Om Vaastoshpate Dhruvaasthoonaam Sanam Saubhyaa Naam Drapso Bhettaa Puraam Shashvatee Naa Minkshe Muninaam Sakhaa Swaahaa |

Significance of Vaastu Dosh Nivaran Puja:Vastu Dosh Nivaran puja brings peace & happiness in the house as well as in the life by promoting wealth & prosperity. It also helps to do well in business and promotes peace in the house by pacifying malefic planets, neutralising negative energies, strengthening benevolent planets and hence increasing their positive influences. Vastu Dosh Nivaran puja helps to achieve health, prosperity and peace of mind by removing obstacles in work.

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