Dominion of Snow-Kufri

Kufri, meaning “lake” in the local language, is a famous hill station just 16kms from Shimla in Himachal Pradesh, well known for its sky slopes. The beauty and panoramic view of this place is beyond words. Very ethereal and mesmerizing! This small hill station encapsulates the immense glory of the eternal beauty of nature. Snow covered surroundings, hills, lakes, lush green trees and a breath-taking aura does not even begin to explain its beauty.



History-  Kufri was a small place that was lost in oblivion in the past. It is to the credit of the British who first discovered this slice of heaven. When Shimla was declared as the summer capital of British India, the exploration of nearby places started and hence Kufri was found.

As time passed, and with the growing popularity and attention of Shimla, Kufri also received its fair share of attention. This small hill station is now a great centre of attraction for tourists.


  • Wildlife- Being close to its natural roots, the flora and fauna of this place is well conserved. Many endangered species still find their home in Kufri. Species like black bear, musk deer, leopard, goral, Yak etc can be seen here.
  • Yak-Ride : The safari on the back of a Yak is a thrilling experience. People of ages are enthused about the prospect of trying it. Children, specially, like the ride a lot.
  • Snow-Games: Fresh falling snow in winters, romanticize people beyond limits. People are excited to play with balls of snow and love making snowman. The cheers and laughter fills the air and echoes in the hills.

Taste the thrill (Adventure Sports)-

Being a hilly area covered in snow during winters. Kufri makes a perfect destination for different types of adventure sports.

  • Skiing-  Snow capped hills make a perfect ridge for skiing. People come here and experience the thrill and adventure. It is fun and excitement. Skiing is a famous sport among the youth, thus Kufri becomes a loved destination for the boisterous youth.


  • Hiking-  Hiking through the lush dense forest around Kufri to the Mahasu Peak is an important leisure. Himalyan Nature Park is a place preferred for hiking.
  • Trekking- Trekking around the mountains and peaks, with a picturesque view of lakes and snow and dense green forest is an enchanting experience.
  • Safari-  People are most escited to have an experience of riding a horse or a yak. To be seated on a yak or horse on hilly roads sends a shill down the spine. The fear, the excitement and thrill. It is a perfect blend. A must-have experience.Passing through the exuberantly green woodlands, sky soaring mountains and roaring rivers, the journey will give you a feeling a gratification and enthusiasm.

The hypnotic places-

  • Mahasu Peak- This is the highest peak in Kufri called as Mahasu Peak can be approached through the thick forest around Kufri. It is the most suited peak for trekking and hiking. The holy shrine of Badrinath and Kedarnath are visible from here.
Mahasu Peak

Mahasu Peak

  • Indira Tourist Park- It is a site for excursion. This place is perfect for revitalization and rejuvenation. Pony and yak rides are visible here.
  • Chini Bungalow- It is the Kufri bungalow which is very famous for its statues and architecture.
  • Himalayan Nature Park- It is an area stretched over 90 hectares, used for camping. Many wild animals can be seen here like musk deer, black beer, leopard cat etc.
Himalayan Nature Park

Himalayan Nature Park

  • Kufer, the river- It is the beautiful and enchanting river, which gives the place its name. A must see place, with the beauty of nature at its glorious peak.



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