Maru Mahotsav – Jaisalmer

India is a land of festivals and celebrations. Different parts of the country celebrate different festivals. One of such beautiful tradition is celebrated in the western part of the country known as the Maru festival. The Maru festival is a three-day long event to commemorate the rich and colourful culture and tradition of Rajasthan. The festival is celebrated held in the month of February in the desserts of Jaisalmer. The three-day fest ends on ends on Poornima, the full moon day. As it is held at Sam Sand dunes, which is 40 kms away from the desserts of Jaisalmer, the festival is also known as the Dessert Festival.

Maru mahotsav

What does the Maru Mahostav Offer?

A cultural enthusiast will always cherish the experience of the Maru Festival held in Jaisalmer. The Maru festival boasts about the rich cultural heritage of the desert and offers a wide array of unique events to make the trip a memorable one.

The festival stars with a morning procession that displays the culture and lifestyle of the dessert. The procession starts from the famous Sonar Fort and moves until the Shahid Poonam Singh Stadium.

If you looking for some adrenaline rush then try out your hands on the camel racing. In the evening, enjoy Camel Safari at the festival. The camel safari starts from the camel point that is located two kms from the main Sam sand dunes. If you are scared on climbing on the camel’s back try out the other safari options on the jeep and fortune giving you the same feel as the camel. Get sights of the locals performing gymnastics on camel back and camel band with formation dancing.

If you are looking for some other wacky competitions to amaze you, then the Maru festival has a number of them to keep you astonished. Few of them are the polo matches, competition for the finest facial hair, turban tying competition, best moustache, camel races and fancy dress. Confident enough then try your luck at the 'Mr Desert' pageant organized each year at the fair. Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation is the organizer of the festival. The picturesque backdrop of the Jaisalmer fort ornaments the festival. Lighting and fireworks decorate the festival and the fort to making it a striking experience. Donot miss the cricket match, parachutes, hot air balloons and Air Force Display at the fest.

Crowd enjoying maru Mahotsav

History behind the Maru Festival:

The festival has a long lost legends attached to it. The folklore believe that Lord Krishna, the head of the Yadav` community told Arjuna that some descendent of the community will build a kingdom on the apex of the Trikuta Hill. The prediction became real around 1156 A.D. Rawal Jaiswal who belonged to the Yadav community deserted Lodurva and formed a new city at the top of the Trikuta Hill called Jaisalmer. He belonged to the Bahti Rajputs and lived in caravans.

Crafts at the festival:

The plethora of arts and crafts decorates the three-day festival. The local artisans from the state and the other part of the country make the shopping experience at the Festival an unforgettable one. Get a chance to buy some funk jewellery, the famous mirror work items, bandhini saris, tie and dye saris, cotton suits and much more at the festival. You can also pick up the speciality of different states like silk saris from Benaras, Phulkari from Punjab, Chicken from Lucknow, and Zari from Bareilly etc at the festival.  Get your hands on items made out of clay, mud, ceramics and the world famous blue and white pottery items.

 Music and Dance at the festival:

Enjoy some folk dancers elegantly dancing on the tunes of the local folk artists at the fair. If you are coming along with children do not miss the puppet dance at the festival, which is both a unique and unforgettable experience. You can also enjoy Ghazal evenings and classical events by renowned artists at the festival.

Cuisine at the Festival:

Enjoy the authentic flavours of Rajasthan at the festival. Savour your taste buds with delicacies like Dal Batti, Chur Chur Parantha, Ghewar, Gatta Ka Subzi, Muttri, Dal ka Halwa and much more all at one place. You can also find delicacies from other parts of the country to satiate your hunger buns.

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