Landour-Welsch town of India

Landour is an idyllic town, having old country homes reminiscent of  the by gone era. Drawing its name from Llanddowror, a village in Carmathenshire in southwest Wales, Landour is located at an altitude of 6,660 to 7800 ft and offers breath-taking views of Garhwal Himalaya with a huge canopy of snow covering it.

Cluster of Peaks

Cluster of Peaks

The visible clusters of peaks include Swargagrohi, Yamnotri, Jaonli, Gangotri, Srikanta, Kedarnath, Satopanth, Chaukhamba and even Nanda Devi.Landour is a twin city, very adjacent to Mussourie and the beauty and charm of this city is in no way any less than Mussourie itself.

Flora and Fauna of Landour-

The land of Landour has rich vegetation. It is flanked by old forests of Deodar and other Himalayan trees.

The bird life in this small town is astonishing. There are about 350 species of birds that leave a mark on this land over the course of a year. From different migratory birds to non-migratory birds, there are myriad of species that can be spotted.

Apart from the birds one can also witness many species of animals in this area. Animals that can be spotted here are Leopards, Jackals, Barking Deer, Goral (Goat-antelope) and the furtive Sloth Bear. Smaller mammals like Yellow-throated Martens, Civets, Jungle Cats and Himalayan weasels are seen, and the occasional flying Squirrel. Hanuman Langurs are ubiquitous in Landour.

Culture and Cuisine-Landour is highly influenced by the Garhwali tradition, culture and cuisine. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes are equally popular. So is rice and wheat. A special grain called Gahat or Kulath are also used.

Temperature and Climate-

Needless to say, Landour has a lovely climate. Very close to the crude form of nature. The temperature varies from hot, to cold and very very cold in winters. If you are of opinion to visit this place in Winters then you might as well like to pack heavily to abate the cold.

The monsoon is heavy, very similar to the hilly rains, sometimes torrential.

Attractive reminiscent of British influence-

What began as a few British officials visiting and staying at this place, has now become the preferred gateway of artists, writers and nature lovers. The seclusion and majestic mountain scenery are impeccable company to spend some time with. The closeness with nature that is felt at this place is very exquisite and unique.

The roads are bounded on both sides by huge deodar and pine trees.

How to reach Landour:-If one travels the 290 km (180 mi) to Landour from New Delhi by train or bus, a switch at Dehradun is needed. Buses and taxis, and even "shared taxis", are easily available. There are also direct buses from New Delhi, and one can easily negotiate with taxis at any of New Delhi's railway stations or at the Delhi airport. One can also fly from Delhi in just 40 min to Jolly Grant Airport east of Dehradun, which saves a lot of time, but it takes another 90 minutes to drive up to Landour from the airport.

Accommodation at Landour:-Landour offers a decent mix of budget and value for money hotels in Mussoorie. Since this area offers a better accomodation option to the travellers, it is well suited for those who want the comfort of a decent hotel at a good price. The area is again well connected to other parts of Mussoorie and is a popular location for those looking for a good value for money on their accomodation.

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