Pahalgam, Mini Switzerland!

Pahalgam is a town in Anantnag district of Jammu&Kashmir,India. It is located on the banks of Lidder river at an altitude of 7200 ft from sea level. Pahalgam has immense natural heritage, the beauty and serenity of this place is almost divine. The touch of nature is awesome here and so is the aura and ambience. If you are a nature lover, than this is a place for you!

Amazing Pahalgam

Amazing Pahalgam


Tourism-  Pahalgam has always been a tourist destination because of the lovely weather and ethereal natural beauty spread wide and across this place. There are beautiful tourist huts here that people fancy staying in.

Spirituality- Pahalgam is also affiliated to the annually practiced Amarnath Yatra. In the “shravan” month i.e during july-august, people goes for Amarnath yatra. Chandanwari, 16km from Pahalgam is the starting point of this yatra (tour). Amarnath shrine is also a revered destination among the believers of Hinduism.

The Magnetic Pull of Nature! ;- The grandeur of the lush green view is stupendous, scintillating and serene. This divinity attracts people almost magnetically. From the hustle bustle of a town, the hotchpotch of modern advancements, this place is a relief in every which way possible. It leaves a soul-soothing impression on the visitors.

Pahalgam Winter

Pahalgam Winter

Wildlife-   A myriad of fauna is inhabited in the arms of nature, in and around Pahalgam. Hangul, Musk deer, Serow, Brown beer, Leopard, Rhesus macaque, Grey Langur, Himalayan mouse, hare etc. are some rarely found species that are found here.

Hypnotism of Nature (Must Visit Places)-

Kolhoi Glacier- Situated up the Lidder River, just below Kolhoi Peak is a hanging glacier. It can be reached from Pahalgam via Aru.  Though, currently battling the lethal effects of global warming, Kolhoi glacier is a mesmerizing destination.

Betaab Valley- This valley got its name from a Sunny Deol-Amrita Singh starring hit bollywood movie called Betaab. It is towards the north-east of Pahalgam, enroute Amarnath Yatra. It is surrounded by lush green meadows, white snow covered mountains and is covered with dense vegetation. A beautiful place to visit, indeed!

Adventures at Pahalgam

Visit Club Park- Surrounded by the snow clad hills and rivers, this garden is a lovely place to be at. It is one of the oldest places in Pahalgam, and is therefore visited by a lot of tourists throughout the year.

Take a halt at Aru Village- At a distance of 12 kms, this village is a comparatively quieter place. Serene, calm and beautiful. The picturesque view at this village is worth capturing.

Camping at Lidder Valley!!- Lidder Valley is a most preferred camping destination. Easily accessible from both Pahalgam and Aru.

Rafting- Lidder river is suitable for this adventure sports. People come here to be enthused and to feel the thrill of river rafting.

Water Rafting

Water Rafting

Gauri-Shankar Temple- This is a small, yet highly revered temples among the Hindus. The Amrnath Yatra starts here.

Do not miss- Amarnath Cave: The myths and belief goes that the Lord Shiva, the Mahadev, resides in this holy cave. The cave witnesses a naturally formed shiv lingam every year during winters.

Amarnath Temple

Amarnath Temple

People come from far off places to witness this miracle and are touched by the divinity of this place. Pahalgam is a lovely place to be at! Nature is at its peak, beauty is overwhelming and the ambiance is soothing.

How to reach Pahalgam

Air – The nearest airport is Sheikh-ul-Alam - SriNagar airport (95 kM). Srinagar is well connected with Pahalgam.

Train – The nearest railway station is Jammu (157 km). Visitors need to hire a cab or bus to reach Pahalgam via Srinagar.

Road – Pahalgam can be reached by road from Jammu(157 Km), SriNagar (95 Km).Visitors can find many buses and taxies from Jammu, SriNagar too.

Accommodation at Pahalgam

There are many hotels both budget and luxury class for all kinds of visitors. Visitors can enjoy nature, snowfall and mountain’s view from any part of city. Food is very affordable for all kinds of visitors.

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