Patnitop- High and Tranquilizing!

Patnitop or Patni top is a tourist location on a hilltop in Udhampur district in Jammu and Kashmir, a state of India. In close proximity of Chenab River, this location is a mesmerizing aura around it.  Living in beautiful tourist huts, at the hill top; amidst the glory of nature and being drenched the ethereal beauty is a thing to fancy. People come here with great enthusiasm and get rejuvenated with the magic of nature.

Patni top

Patni top

History-  The original name of this place was ‘Patan da talab’ meaning “Pond of the princess”. But the original name got distorted over the time, beginning from the warped up British revenue records, and remains intact with the identity of this place till date. So now instead of “Patan Da Talab”, it is called ‘Patni top’.

Description-  Patnitop is located in the Lower Himalayan Range close to Pir Panjal range, 112 km from Jammu. Perched on a beautiful plateau, surrounded on all sides by lush green forests of Ceda/Deodar trees, Patnitop offers a picturesque landscape, serene surroundings and makes a lovely picnic spot.

A thick snowfall is experienced at this place during winters due to the altitude. Covered in white snow, this place gets adorned even more. People enjoy all sorts of games, especially skiing.


  • Cuisine-  The  nearby located Kud town is famous for its sweet shops. Patissa(a sweet)  is a melt in your mouth delicacy. Another town of Batore is famous for its good quality kidney beans (rajma).

Adventure Sports-

  • Trekking-  There are three famous trekking sites in and around Patnitop. People, who feel enthused about trekking, make it a point to visit these places. It is an enthralling experience and thus most sought-after as well.

Places for Trekking

  • Billo ki powri- Billo ki powri is a staircase of 270 steps, carved across a mountain face, lie between Kud and Patnitop. A moderate trekking venture and takes about 1-2 hours, but offers immense excitement and thrill.
  • Patnitop to Sudh Mahadev-  This is a 15 km long stretch, starting near Hotel Green Top and culminating at the historical Sudh Mahadev Mandir.  The picturesque landscapes on the way of Channai-Mantalai valley are mind boggling.
  • An un-named ridge- A 11 km long trekking ridge near shivgarh is the most difficult hence most thrilling experience. It has a steep ascent and descent over an unmarked trail. It is advised to be extra-cautious on this ridge.

Paragliding-   The ecstatic and thrilling paragliding rides are conducted at Dawariyai on the Patnitop Sanasar road. The takeoff site is at Dawariyai, often called as Billo-ki-powri point. The flight lasts for 7-15 minutes and is a super-exciting experience.



Skiing- Snow covered mountains make great skiing destination. Experience is thrilling.



Places to Visit In and Around Patnitop-

  • Kud- This is a village located approx 103 km from Jammu at an escalation of 1738 meters above sea-level. It is placed in the lower Himalayan range with Chenab River flowing besides it. This is a lovely place that gets very chilly during winters. People involve in trekking here. The fresh Patissa at this place are worth trying. This delicacy is mouth-watering and awesome to taste.
  • Naga Temple- This is an age-old exquisite temple. Very antique and highly revered. It is believed to have survived many dangerous snowfalls, hail, rain, storms and what not. Also known as Cobra temple, people visit this temple mostly at Nag Panchami.
  • Madhatop- Ensconced at 2,024 m above sea level, Madhatop is a preferred tourist destination. It can be reached only after trekking a distance of 5 km along Sanasar road from Patnitop.


Snow covered slopes in winters are enticing and the landscape is awe-inspiring and tranquilizing at the same time. It is one of the preferred honeymoon-destinations. The fresh water springs here, are an awesome view and a must-watch.

  • Sanasar-  Sanasar is a combination of the names of twin villages Sana and Sar. Sanasar is also an adorable place to be at. It is 17 km from Patnitop and the view from there is inexplicable. The western Himalayas stand tall in its natural magnanimous form and leaves everyone transfixed and at the loss of words.

Shivalik ranges are also visible from here.  While at Sanasar, do not miss the experiences at Shank Pal temple, Tandem Paragliding Joyrides, Rock climbing, Trekking trails, Surni Kund and Shanta Gala.

Patnitop is like a sky touching experience. Higher and higher you go! In the close proximity of the daunting magnanimous Himalayas, awe, thrill and adventure and romance fills the air. Patnitop is a must-have experience.

How to reach Patnitop

Air – The nearest airport is Jammu(108 kM) and it is well connected with Patnitop.

Train – The nearest railway stations are Udhampur (47 km), Jammu (100 km) and Katra (81 km). Jammu is most connected one with other major cities.

Road – Patnitop can be reached by road from Jammu(100 Km), Katra (81 Km), Delhi (700 Km). Visitors can find many buses and taxies from Jammu, Katra and Udhampur.

Accommodation at Patnitop

There are hundreds of hotels both budget and luxury class for all kinds of visitors. There are both Government and corporate guest houses available as well. Visitors can enjoy snowfall and mountain’s view from any part of city. Food is very affordable for all kinds of visitors.

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