The Honey hill- Thenmala

Thenmala, literally meaning “Honey Hill”, is a tourist spot near Punalur town, Kollam district in the state of Kerala in India. It is the first planned eco-tourism destination in India. Thenmala magnetically pulls tourists both from India and abroad with various enticing promises. It offers boating on a lake, a rope bridge, mountaineering, biking and a musical fountain. The beauty of this place is very enthralling.

The Honey hill-thenmala

The Honey hill-Thenmala

This place is gaining popularity because of its unique vistas, bio-diversity and functioning. Situated about 72 kms from Thiruvananthpuram, Thenmala eco-tourism preserves the nature’s bounty by sharing its precious resources with Shenduruney Wildlife Sanctuary at the foothills of Western Ghats.

Things that will cast a spell on you!-

  • Zones- Thenmala eco-tourism is taken care by its well-trained staff who provide guidance and regale the visitors with all the required information about the hypnotizing spots that a tourist must visit.  There are very well laid out instructions in form of sign boards, direction pointers, and information boards to facilitate smooth movement of tourists. Thenmala eco-tourism has been divided into three major zones viz Culture Zone, Leisure Zone and Adventure Zone. All three of them are equally enthralling.
  • Waterfalls- Thenmala is approachable both from Trivandrum and Punalur by road. The waterfall called Palaruvi is a prime attraction nearby. The ethereal beauty of this place is indeed mesmerizing. The aura will cast a spell on you. View of this waterfall surrounded by the picturesque mountains is extremely enthralling and enticing.


  • Deers – Near the Palaruvi waterfalls is a deer rehabilitation center where visitors can see deer in a forest sitting and have a peep into a traditional tree house used by forest dwellers to escape harm from wild animals.  It is a very thrilling experience to be among the animals and watch them move in their own natural comfort.


  • Sports- The demography of  Thenmala makes it very suitable for different kinds of sporting incidents.  People enjoy small nature trails, elevated walkways through canopies and feel the thrill by mountain biking. There are other facilities that one can avail such as boating the Sanctuary reservoir, boardwalk, sculpture garden, amphitheatre, musical dancing fountain etc. The eco-tourism at this place will give you some awe-inspiring moments.


  • Cultural Zone-  This zone accommodated various activities, which favors eco friendly general tourism. Restaurants, shop courts, amphitheatres etc help the tourists understand the ethos of Kerala.

“Nature’s Dance” is another major attraction here.

  • Nakshatravanam- A garden that finds 27 trees standing on its land associated with 27 stars. People have certain faiths attached to them blessing good luck.
  • Butterfly Safari-  a garden of host plants for the butterflies has been created enabling the large number of butterfly species of the region to thrive. The entire view is like a scenery that will leave you mesmerized.
Butterfly Safari

Butterfly Safari

Other places near Thenmala that are worth visiting are Kulathupuzha, Anchal, Punalur, Kamukucherry and Sengottai in Tirunelveli district. This trip will be a sweet memory with its small and big experiences.

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