What are Mantras? Are they so important?

When we repeat some significant words, it is said that we are chanting mantras. Mantras are special words which are chanted at the time of pujas.

We either say the words of mantra internally or loudly. Some versions of the mantra are followed by all of the spiritual paths.

Importance of Mantras

We are all aware that the basis of Hinduism is Gayatri mantra. The Jesus Prayer is chanted by Christians and the Islam religion chants the Sufi Zikr.

We all are aware of the chanting of the mantras but do we really know the importance of them?

Importance of Mantras

According to the spiritual traditions, the universe started with the sound of God. When we chant the mantras, we try to focus this sound or vibration in ourselves. In this universe, whatever exists vibrates at a certain level of frequency. When we repeat the words or mantra, the vibrational frequency of that mantra occurs in ourselves.

When we utter the words of mantra, we respond at the vibrational frequency of the deity. The mantras also possess healing power that is capable of healing the mind and body of the chanter.

Importance of Mantras

As the chanter starts to respond at the same vibrational frequency like a mantra, the mantra starts to gain its strength and impulse.

In Sufism, it is said that once you stop uttering the words of mantra, the mantra connects with you.

There are many practitioners of mantra who used to remain so mesmerised with the words of the mantra that even if they cut their fingers, the blood that spilt out of their finger would spell the words of mantra.

We do not know whether these tales are true or not, but mantras became a part of the chanter and it has the power to influence the chanter.

Mantras- The Benefits of Them:

Healing with the help of Mantras:

It is said that there are many mantras that possess healing power. When a chanter or practitioner of Mantra connects to the mantra, it might be possible to allow healing of the area that is diseased.

When the chanter connects himself with the mantra, the displeasing sensation is replaced with love, sympathy and positive sensation. The connection with mantra helps reduce the level of stress, frustration and anxiety.  The reduced levels of stress and anxiety help you improve your physical conditions and keep you fit and healthy.

Importance of Mantras

Pure and Spiritual:

Mantras help in the purification of mind, body and soul.  Mantras help us connect and help vibrate at the same frequency as God. Such a vibrational frequency helps the purification of mind, soul and body.

The concept of Sanskaras was prevalent in Hinduism. Sanskaras are impressions that are obtained from the past. Our desires are formed and our responses and behaviour are influenced. Once we come in contact with the energy of the mantra, the desires and behaviours can be changed.

The energetic centres in our body are the chakras. There are some mantras that are specifically used to cleanse and purify the chakras so that the energy will flow smoothly and without any kind obstruction.

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