Significance of Kanya Sankranti

About Kanya Sankranti:

The duration where the Sun changes its position from one zodiac to the other is known as Sankranti. During Kanya Sankranti, the Sun moves from Simha Rashi (Leo) to Kanya (Virgo) Rashi. It falls during Purattasi month as per the Tamil calendar and Kanni month according to the Malayalam calendar. All the twelve Sankranti are beneficial for charity and activity for the needful people. Donations, Shradh puja for the ancestors and penance rituals are performed on Kanya Sankranti. Another ritual is to take a bath in the sacred water bodies to get rid of the sins. On this day Vishwakarma Puja celebrations are arranged. It is the birthday of Lord Vishwakarma who is worshipped to be an excellent engineer. He blesses his devotees the capability to work with excellence and high quality.

Significance of Kanya Sankranti

Significance of Kanya Sankranti:

The auspicious occasion of Kanya Sankranti is also the birth anniversary commemoration of Vishwakarma. The purpose of celebrating Kanya Sankranti is to worship the work with the tools and machines. Dedication towards the work will result in better future, and the person can lead a prosperous life. The day is celebrated with dignity and joy. Your work gives you an identity. It is important to respect and worship the work and worship the one who made him able to complete that work with tools and weapons. It is because of those tools he can produce a quality product.

Kanya Rashi


Vishwakarma Jayanti is the birthday of Lord Vishwakarma, a deity who is a divine Engineer. He is known as the Architect of Gods or Devashilpi. The festival is celebrated in the Northen part of India. Lord Vishwakarma is a symbol of excellence and quality. According to Hindu legends, Lord Vishwakarma architected the whole world according to the instructions of Lord Brahma, the creator. He constructed the holy city of Dwarka for Lord Krishna rules, Maya Sabha of the Pandavas and many weapons for the Gods.

Celebrations and Rituals:

Devotees bath early in the morning. Lord Vishwakarma is worshipped on this day. An idol of Lord Vishwakarma along with the instruments are decorated. Vishwakarma day is celebrated in industries, school, shops, and colleges. Artisans organise Vishwakarma puja at their workplace for their progress in the coming year. Machines are worshipped and offered flower garland. Devotees pray for the smooth working of their machines. No work is done on this day. Traditional food such as khichdi, laddoo, and kheer are prepared to offer the Lord and Prasad is distributed to everyone after the puja. Apart from the engineering and architectural community, Lord Vishwakarma is also worshipped by craftsmen, welders, Smiths, and workers. The workshops, warehouses, and the small cottage industries conduct the puja amidst the chanting of the mantras. The devotees seek the blessings for their safety at work. Devotees organise feasts in the temples.

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