Significance of Kalki Dwadashi

About Kalki Dwadashi:

Kalki Dwadashi is dedicated to the Kalki incarnation of Lord Vishnu, who is yet to come. According to Hindu legends, Kalki is the tenth and the last incarnation of Lord Vishnu. It is believed that he will come on the earth to end disruption and evil from this world. Kalki Dwadashi falls on the twelfth day of the Shukla Paksha in the month of Bhadrapada. The name Kalki arises from the word 'Kal' or time. It represents the end of an evil era or Kali Yuga and ushering in of good era or Satya Yuga. As per the Puranas and Hindu religious scriptures, Kalki rides on a white horse with a drawn sword in his hand.

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Significance of Kalki Dwadashi:

Kalki is the tenth and last incarnation of Lord Vishnu. He is believed to be the one who will put an end to the Kali Yuga and bring in Satya Yuga. Hence, devotees pray for his blessings and seek forgiveness for their sins. They pray for peaceful life. Devotees seek his blessings as they do not know when the end will come. Kalki is a ferocious incarnation of Vishnu who will mark the end of the human race. People observe a fast on the day and pray for making their end peaceful and painless. Devotees pray for forgiveness and seek salvation. No one knows when and the form in which Kalki will appear. Devotees feel that the end is near and it is advisable to seek mercy for their evil deeds before the apocalypse.


Lord Vishnu is the Supreme Gods and is a part of Hindu Trinity. According to Hindu scriptures, an era is divided into four Yuga, and each Yuga has its qualities and nature. Kalki will be born as a son of Vishnuyasha in the mythic Shambhala. He will have Yajnavalkya as his spiritual guru. Lord Parashurama, the sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu is immortal. He is believed to be alive and waiting for the return of Kalki. Parshuram will be a martial preceptor of Kalki who would teach him military science, warfare arts and instruct him to perform a severe penance to receive celestial weaponry. The Purana also relates that Lord Vishnu will give up the Kalki incarnation before returning to heaven and the Satya Yuga will return.

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Celebrations and Rituals:

Devotees awake early on Kalki Dwadashi and have a holy bath before sunrise. They visit a temple of Lord Vishnu, chanting Vishnu Stotram and seek blessings from the Lord and ask for his forgiveness. At home, an idol of Kalki made of clay and Turmeric is placed on an earthen pot filled with water. The idol is offered ghee or clarifies butter, flowers, fresh fruits, incense sticks and lamp. People observe a fast on the day which begins from the previous day, i.e., Parivartini Ekadashi. After performing the rituals, the idol is either donated to a sage or immersed in water.

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